Camera-Ready Submission Instructions

CAMERA-READY Submission Deadline: May 10, 2021
NOW AVAILABLE – Common Resolutions to LATEX Issues (NEW)

1. Submit Your Copyright Consent Form

For every manuscript in the RESPECT 2021 Proceedings, copyright consent must be given by the authors. The signed copyright consent form of each accepted paper MUST be submitted before uploading your final manuscript.


The person designated as the corresponding author for your submission will receive an email from IEEE with instructions for submitting your IEEE copyright form.

Please make sure that you complete the copyright consent BEFORE you submit your final camera-ready version in EasyChair.

 For more information on the IEEE Copyright Policy, visit

If you need to edit the paper title, authors names, email addresses etc., please make sure that you make these changes to your submission in EasyChair   prior to signing the copyright agreement. Any changes made on the IEEE copyright agreement website will not be communicated back to EasyChair and will cause complications in your paper being accepted for the proceedings.


2. Prepare Your Final Manuscript

Please review the requirements list and the detailed instructions that follow.

IEEE & RESPECT 2021 Submission Requirements
All Camera-ready Submissions, must

  • Include the appropriate IEEE copyright notices at the bottom of the first page of the submission (footer)
  • Adequately address reviewer feedback
  • Use the IEEE publication template for formatting
  • Include correct paper title author names and contact information on the paper and in EasyChair
  • Adhere to the authors instructions for submission on the RESPECT 2021 website
  • Not exceed word length for abstracts (250 words max)
  • Not exceed page length requirements (excluding references)
    • Full Research Papers – 8 pages max
    • Short Research Papers – 4 pages max
    • Experience Reports – 4 pages max
    • Panels – 2 Pages max
    • Posters Extended Abstracts – 2 Pages max (poster proposals should not be submitted for publication)
    • Posters Extended Abstracts – 2 Pages max (lightning talk proposals should not be submitted for publication)
  • Pass the IEEE Xplore compatibility PDF verification (see Step 3 below for more details)
  • Be submitted using an IEEE Xplore compatibility verified PDF and uploaded to EasyChair using your proceedings author (IEEE Proceedings) role.


IEEE Requires that all submissions to the IEEE XploreDigital Library be submitted by the Conference or publication chairs to plagiarism detection software to identify papers with potentially plagiarized material before they are posted.

Any paper that does not adhere to IEEE and the RESPECT 2021 requirements will be refused for publication in the 2021 RESPECT proceedings.


 Detailed Instructions

2a) Revise paper addressing suggestions or issues identified by reviewers.

Reviews were sent in an email with your acceptance notification last year. You can also access reviews in EasyChair using the author role not proceedings author role.

 2b) Review  your paper title, authors names, and abstracts in EasyChair submission and ensure they match information in your PDF Submission.

2c) Ensure your submission is in IEEE-compliant format

You are strongly encouraged to use IEEE-provided templates to format your submission. Templates are available for Microsoft Word and LaTeX.

  • Using Microsoft Word templates:
    • Submissions should be formatted using the IEEE format and uploaded in a PDF file.
    • Use the US Letter (8-1/2×11 inches) page size.
    • Do not include page numbers, headers, or any footer other than the copyright notice
  • Using LaTeX templates:
    • You can download an IEEE Conference LaTeX template from the IEEE website here.
    • Use the following document class and options: \documentclass[10pt, conference, compsocconf]{IEEEtran}.
    • You MUST use Type 1 fonts for your submission. This means that you need to use the Type1 Postscript Computer Modern (or other) fonts. Check with your systems administrator if these fonts are available. An IEEE compliant PDF file can be generated either with Adobe Distiller (you can find the relevant settings in one of these job option files — drag-and-drop a .joboptions file onto Distiller) or with ps2pdf (use the following command line options).
    • Be sure to use the US Letter (8-1/2×11 inches) page size.
    • Do not include page numbers, headers, or any footer other than the copyright notice
    • Copyright Model
      The authors should include the following two lines in their Latex file immediately before the \title{} command:
      \IEEEpubid{\makebox[\columnwidth]{ 978-1-XXXX-XXXX-2/21\$31.00 \copyright 2021 IEEE \hfill} \hspace{\columnsep}\makebox[\columnwidth]{ }}
      Also, the \documentclass command should have the following arguments: \documentclass[letterpaper, 10 pt, conference, compsocconf]

2d) Including the IEEE copyright notice

Your camera-ready version must include a footer at the bottom of the left-hand column on the first page with the appropriate copyright notice:

  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: 978-1-6654-4905-2/21/$31.00 ©2021 Crown
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: 978-1-6654-4905-2/21/$31.00 ©2021 European Union
  • For all other papers the copyright notice is: 978-1-6654-4905-2/21/$31.00 ©2021 IEEE

3. Certify/Convert your Files with IEEE PDF eXpress

IEEE requires the use of the IEEE PDF eXpress tool to check if your manuscript is in IEEE-compliant format.

To use IEEE PDF eXpress, you must create an account and upload your PDF manuscript. If your PDF file meets the IEEE requirements, then the IEEE PDF eXpress tool will send you an email with an IEEE-signed PDF. This signed PDF is the file that that you must upload to EasyChair.

  • Step I: Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site:
    • First-time users should create an account by selecting the New Users link. and enter the following:
        • 51740X for the Conference ID
        • your email address
        • a password
      • Continue to enter information as prompted.
      • An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
    • Previous users of PDF eXpress can login using the same email address and password that was used for previous conferences and the  
        • Enter 51740X for the Conference ID when prompted.
        • You should also verify that your contact information is updated after logging in.
  • Step IIFor each conference paper, click “Create New Title.”
  • Step III: Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).
  • Step IV: Click “Submit PDF for checking” or “Submit Source Files for Conversion.”
  • Step V: Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click “Browse” and navigate to file, and click “Upload File.” You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload.
  • Step VI: You will receive an email with your checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for checking, then the email will show if your file passed or failed. If your file did pass, then please upload the certified copy to EasyChair.

If your file did not pass, please fix the problem and repeat Step I-VI to check again. Note: PDF eXpress will not check your paper size (US Letter). Please manually check that your paper uses the right page size (use Adobe Reader -> File -> Properties).

4. Upload the PDF returned to you by IEEE PDF eXpress to EasyChair.

Submit your proceedings-ready paper in EasyChair. IMPORTANT: You must submit the IEEE PDF eXpress certified version of your paper (i.e., the version IEEE PDF eXpress emails back to you if everything is correct). Otherwise, your paper will not be considered certified by IEEE and cannot be included in the proceedings.

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