Call for Papers

The IEEE Conference on Research in Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT) is the premier venue for research on broadening participation in computing. Since this BPC research is inherently interdisciplinary, we invite contributions from computer science education, educational leadership, learning sciences, cognitive or social psychology, social sciences, and related disciplines.

We invite papers in the following areas:

  • Studies of and approaches  to address systemic racism embodied in the computing community
  • Inclusive computing curricula and pedagogy
  • Equitable and inclusive recruiting and retention strategies
  • Novel approaches to broadening participation
  • Accessibility considerations, challenges, and innovative approaches to ensuring access for all
  • Differential impacts of gender, race, ethnicity, intersectionality, socio-economic status, and LGBT status on computing education
  • Formal and informal computational thinking/ computer science learning opportunities
  • Teacher efficacy, attitudes, access to support, and teacher training that support diverse groups of teachers and  learners
  • Organizational and cultural factors that impact equity and inclusion in CS
  • Sociological factors impacting the pursuit of and persistence in CS education (e.g. contemporary racial attitudes, culture, or family life) 
  • Systemic approaches to addressing equity and inclusion in CS education at different levels of analysis, (e.g. institution, divisions/schools/units, and institutional networks)
  • Interdisciplinarity and its impact on sustained participation
  • Successful approaches designed for and embodied at HBCUs, HSIs, and TCUs
  • Research focused on different educational levels (K-12, two- and four-year institutions, graduate) 
  • Developing Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships (RPPs) for CS education
  • Metrics and evaluation approaches for broadening participation efforts
  • Increasing diversity in the population of CS education researchers
  • Teaching computing in light of language diversity
  • Making CS for All efforts accessible for non-English speakers

RESPECT welcomes submissions of research papers, experience reports, panels, posters, and lightning talks. All papers should explicitly state their motivating questions, relate to relevant literature, and contain an analysis of effectiveness. Research papers (8 pages full/4 short) should adhere to rigorous standards, describing hypotheses, methods, and results. Experience reports (4 pages)  should carefully describe the context and provide a rich reflection on what worked, what didn’t, and why. 

RESPECT 2021 Important Dates

  • TBA
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