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RESPECT 2021, the 6th international conference on Research in Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology is intended to serve as a premier venue for peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary research on broadening participation in computing (BPC). 

Since BPC research is inherently interdisciplinary, we invite contributions from computer science education, educational leadership, learning sciences, cognitive or social psychology, social sciences, and related disciplines.  RESPECT includes several types of presentations, including research papers, experience reports, panels, posters, and lightning talks.

RESPECT 2021 will be held as a virtual event and is proud to partner once again with RPPforCS and CS for All!


RPPforCS is a National Science Foundation-funded project to create a connected community of practice for research practice partnerships (RPPs) to provide CSforAll. RPPforCS aims to develop a connected community of practice, support a participant-driven research agenda, develop a process for advancing the shared research agenda, collect qualitative and quantitative data about RPPforCS projects’ implementation and common impact data, and provide an infrastructure for dissemination of project work. The RPPforCS meeting at RESPECT will provide a forum to advance these goals.

Update [10/9/2020]: an extended timeline for conference dates will be posted soon.

Given the pandemic, we are shifting the timeframe for paper submissions and planning for a May 2021 conference. Updated paper submission dates will be posted soon, with the earliest possible deadline in January 2021.

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